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Breaking Free from Money Blocks: Embracing Abundance

November 15, 20232 min read


Money blocks are beliefs that can act as invisible barriers that hinder our financial growth. They are deeply rooted in our subconscious and shape our relationship with money, often restricting its flow. These beliefs can be so powerful that they affect our financial well-being, preventing us from achieving our full potential.

Negative thoughts such as "money is the root of all evil" or "I'm unworthy of financial abundance" can greatly impact our financial progress. However, there is hope! By understanding and addressing these blocks, we can pave the way for abundance.

8 Reasons

Understanding Common Money Blocks:

1. Money is the Root of All Evil:

This is a common misconception that money itself is inherently negative. When we view money as greedy, dirty, and evil, we repel it from our space. Shifting our mindset to a place where money is simply a tool, and it is up to us how we choose to use it is essential.

2. It's Hard for Me to Make Money:

This belief can be challenging to overcome, but it is essential to explore the reasons behind it. Is it fear of failure, self-doubt, or past experiences? Perhaps you grew up in a household where money was a struggle, and you carry that mentality with you today.

3. Feeling Unworthy of Financial Abundance:

Feeling undeserving of wealth can be a significant block, often stemming from deep-rooted beliefs or experiences. Events from your childhood where you experienced doubt in your worth can carry over to your financial worth.

4. Trapped in Debt with No Way Out:

Debt can feel suffocating, and it creates a cycle that seems impossible to break. It may be paired with anxiety and overwhelm merely by the thought of looking at your bank account.

5. I am greedy for wanting more money:

Feeling greedy for wanting to live an abundant life while there are people in the world who have nothing can leave you feeling guilty for wanting more. This can create blocks in the flow of abundance and prohibit an increase in money coming in.

Open yourself up to Abundance!

Let go of common blocks you have put up and replace limiting beliefs with empowering ones, allowing abundance to flow freely into your life. By shifting our mindset and focusing on positivity, we can attract financial growth and abundance. It's essential to understand that abundance is not just about money but also encompasses all aspects of our lives. By removing money blocks, we can create a life of abundance, joy, and fulfillment.

Want some help?

Learn more on how to do so in my Transitional Tapping Series "Money Blocked to Money Magnet" where we use EFT tapping to knock down the barriers and rewire the subconscious mind to allow in financial abundance.


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Kaity Neiswonger

Kaity is a EFT practitioner, Qigong Instructor, Dien Chan Facial Reflexologist, Integrative Health Coach, and Creator behind Opal Roots.

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